This whitepaper has been written as an overview of the problems overcome by and solutions offered by the Tectum blockchain and SoftNote product. It will start with a brief historical overview of the philosophy and pragmatism of previous western monetary systems. It will evaluate their chronological progress, strengths and benefits of each stage. The document will then cover a brief overview of the blockchain and SoftNote product followed with an overview of Tectums 3 major competitors: Swift, Ripple and the Lightning Network. It will outline the benefits and drawbacks of each system demonstrating a major problem with the current market solutions. It will then evaluate competing cryptocurrencies that have a high speed an low latency structure and thus classified as industry competitors to Tectum.
This document will then evaluate the Tectum project as a solution to the highlighted problems. It will highlight the size of the market and thus the importance of finding a solution to current market shortfalls. The competitive advantage that Tecutm offers over competitors as it relates to the current market will then be detailed. This document will then conclude with an overview of the technical aspects of the Blockchain, its consensus mechanism and its measurables. It will then outline the technical structure of the SoftNote inclusive of instructive steps on accepting or sending a SoftNote payment off wallet. This white paper will conclude with the TET token description and tokenomics and specifying the traction that the SoftNote, Blockchain, Wallet and token have accomplished thus far.