This whitepaper has been written to give an overview of the architecture and application of the Tectum blockchain and SoftNote product. It will start with a brief history of the Tectum blockchain and some of its broad strengths and after will provide an analysis of Western monetary systems, their evolution, and their problems. The document will then cover an overview of Tectum’s three major competitors: Swift, Ripple and the Lightning Network, and will outline the benefits and drawbacks of each system demonstrating a major problem with the current market solutions.

This document will then evaluate the Tectum project as a solution to the highlighted problems and the competitive advantages that Tectum offers in relation to its competitors in the context of the current market will then be detailed. The document will also provide an overview of the technical aspects of the Blockchain architecture, its network protocol, and its consensus mechanism. This white paper will conclude with a description of the TET utility token and its tokenomics, as well as a description of the native coin of the Tectum blockchain TEC, noting that TEC does not function in the same way as other layer one protocol coins such as Ether.

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